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The Moluccan cockatoo (Cacatua moluccensis), Also known as the Salmon Crested cockatoo.


At a height of up to 46–52 cm and weight of up to 850 g, it is among the largest of the white cockatoos.


Moluccan cockatoo

Bubba was first discovered in a garbage bag at the curb after his caregivers failed to sell him on Craigslist. 
He then was transported to another poor situation in Ak. His caregivers frequently blew Marijuana smoke into his face and allowed him to consume alcohol.  He had received no veterinary care prior to his rescue. 
He had two broken toes upon arrival that was causing his skin to split. With SOAR, Bubba was taken to the veterinarian immediately for his broken toes and we have been working with him on socialization.  
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