medical expenses

Raven the Boerboel (South African Mastiff) has a genetic deformation

of the front legs, along with front leg breaks that were not healed

properly. She was kept chained outside and bred.  

Raven recently experienced a vaginal prolapse and had to have emergency surgery to repair.  


We are raising funds to help with her medical expenses. 


medical expenses

Goldie the Blue and Gold macaw. 

Goldie is a recent surrender to the rescue. Due to age and health issues her previous owner could no longer provide her the care that she requires. As a result of her not receiving a proper standard of care Goldie began to pluck feathers and as that was left unchecked she eventually started damaging areas of her skin. 

Goldie is currently in quarantine under a constant close watch. She will require many vet visits through the recovery process to insure that she stays on a path to recovery. 


We are raising funds to help with her medical expenses.