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Rambo & Joey

Rambo & Joey are best pals and rarely apart. Both suffering physical abuse in the past  and neither bird allows the touch of a persons hands.  Both birds require special care to work with. 


Greenwing macaw

Rambo has a complicated history.  He has been in other rescues and adopted multiple times.  He was traded for a different bird to a man with substance abuse problems.  As a result he was neglected and abused. 

Rambo allows no hand contact.  He had been struck in the face and head often.  He is very aggressive and requires special care to work with. 

He is on a special diet from a history of crop blockage and yeast.  He had received no regular veterinary care prior to her rescue.


Greenwing Macaw

Joey was purchased at an auction.  He had been in the same cage since he was a chick.  As a result of never being able to fledge or open his wings for years he is unable to fly and has joint pain and arthritis.  He was physically abused prior to his rescue. 

He as a result is a very nervous and timid bird and allows no touch by a persons hands. 

He had received no veterinary care prior to his rescue. 

He was very underweight and suffering from liver disease.

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